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Hollow cone nozzle chart

The hollow cone nozzle can spray water mist with a circular cross section. According to the different structure, it is divided into deflection type and direct injection type. Deflection means that the spray direction of the nozzle and the installation direction of the nozzle are at an angle of 90 degrees. This type of nozzle generally adopts the vortex principle, that is, the liquid is sprayed out after high-speed rotation in the swirl chamber. The direct injection type means that the injection direction and the installation direction are on the same axis. Some nozzles of this structure adopt the principle of vortex jet, and some adopt the principle of jetting surface. Among the two hollow cone nozzle structures, the swirl structure can produce the widest range of spray angles, while the nozzle with the guide surface structure can spray a larger angle, up to 180 degrees.




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