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Flat fan nozzle application

Flat fan nozzles are divided into general type, narrow angle type, and wide angle type. Since the universal type has the lowest cost and the most convenient installation and use, the universal type has the widest range of applications and can be used in most of the use environments, such as product cleaning on conveyor belts, object surface spraying, automatic car washing machines, high-pressure floor cleaning Wait.


The impact force of the narrow-angle flat fan nozzle is the strongest, so it is often used to clean the stains that are difficult to remove by ordinary nozzles. It has a simple structure and has a large and unobstructed flow channel, which is not easy to be blocked. The angle control of the narrow-angle flat fan nozzle is determined by the guide surface. When the water jet comes out of the nozzle, it will touch the guide surface to form a flat fan spray shape with a small angle.


The working principle of the wide-angle flat fan nozzle is similar to that of the narrow-angle type, and the water jet sprayed through a circular channel touches the diversion surface. However, the diversion surface of the wide-angle flat fan nozzle is different from that of the narrow-angle type. The angle formed by the jet water column is smaller, so it can form a large-angle flat fan jet shape.


Different types of flat fan nozzles have similar uses. You need to choose according to your own use environment and the desired effect of the nozzle. If you don’t know how to choose, you can contact us and our engineers will assist you in completing the nozzle selection.