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Nozzle used for herbicide

We have many types of nozzles for herbicides for you to choose from. If it is used on a spray truck, then our plastic clip tube atomizing nozzle is very suitable for you. It can be directly installed on the spray pipe, and the nozzles are arranged at a certain interval. When the spray truck moves, the nozzle can cover the same area as the spray rod, which greatly improves the efficiency of spraying pesticides. The atomized particle size of this nozzle is uniform, which can effectively save pesticides and is suitable for large-area planting. The first choice for pesticide spraying.

For pesticide spraying of fruit trees, you can choose to use our manual spray nozzle, which can spray a long distance, and has the characteristics of large spray volume and uniform atomization particle size. You are welcome to contact us for the lowest product Quote.