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Mid pressure misting nozzle

The single-fluid atomizing nozzle means a nozzle that can complete mist spraying only by the pressure of the pump. In the single-fluid atomizing nozzle, it is divided into a low-pressure atomizing nozzle, a medium-pressure atomizing nozzle, and a high-pressure atomizing nozzle.

Among them, the medium pressure atomization nozzle generally has a pressure between 10bar and 30bar. There are many atomization nozzles in this pressure range. The nozzle hole diameter is generally within 0.8mm. The atomization effect is very ideal, and the pressure range is The nozzle can be equipped with an anti-drip device inside, that is, when the water pump is turned off, the nozzle will immediately stop spraying and keep it closed, so there will be no excess droplets dripping.

The medium-pressure atomizing nozzles manufactured by us have the characteristics of small and uniform atomization particle size, large atomization volume, etc., and due to the improvement of the manufacturing process of our factory and the atomization nozzle, the price of our products is very low, you are welcome to contact us at any time We get the most favorable product quotation.