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Nozzle vacuum

The vacuum nozzle is also called an air amplifier. It uses Bernoulli’s principle to produce a vacuum zone at the end of the nozzle, which can suck all the surrounding substances into the nozzle and mix it with compressed air. Its jet flow rate is larger than the compressed gas flow into the nozzle. 5 times to 15 times, using this feature, the nozzle is often used as a drying blower, object conveying, dust cleaning, etc.

From the calculation results of the CFD software, we can see that the compressed gas entering the nozzle from below is squeezed inside the nozzle and ejected to the right at a super high speed, thereby forming a vacuum area on the left. The suction here is extremely large. As the material inlet, the material is automatically sent to other places, or it can be opened as a supplement for compressed gas, using the nozzle of the nozzle to dry the surface of the object, or to purge the debris.

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