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Difference between nozzle and orifice

Nozzle is the general term for the entire part. It is generally composed of one or more parts. The nozzle is the last part of the entire spray system and the most critical part. Its quality directly affects the spray effect.

The orifice refers to the water outlet of the nozzle. Most of the orifices of the nozzle are circular. Theoretically, the smaller the orifice diameter of the nozzle, the closer the spray form is to mist, the larger the orifice, and the greater the spray flow. Large, more like heavy rain or even heavy rain. The spray shape of the nozzle is generally determined by the combination of the shape of the orifice and the internal structure of the nozzle. High-speed rotating liquid flow, and if the orifice is circular, the shape of the jet is a full cone. If two vertical V-shaped grooves are cut on the circular orifice, the shape of the jet will become a square cone. (Pyramid shape). It can be seen that the orifice has a huge impact on the nozzle.

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