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Flat fan air nozzle

The flat fan air nozzle is different from the flat air nozzle. The flat air nozzle is designed with a row of small holes, which can spray an air curtain with the same width as the nozzle. The flat fan air nozzle has a similar structure to the flat fan water nozzle, but the air nozzle has a groove. Generally, the V shape similar to the water nozzle is not used, but the U shape is used. This is because the air can be compressed, so if the V shape is used, the air distribution will be uneven, but the U-shaped groove design can make up for it. This flaw.

The flat fan air nozzle can spray compressed gas, high-pressure steam and liquid. Its spray angle is generally 70 degrees. We can also customize the angle and flow according to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.