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Rotating tank-washing nozzles

The rotary slotting nozzle can use the reaction force of the liquid jet to push the rotating mechanism of the nozzle to perform all-round rotary cleaning, and the cleaning efficiency is high.

Fixed tank cleaning nozzles often do not have strong impact force. This is because the shape of the fixed tank cleaning nozzle is a full cone. Due to the structural limitations of the full cone nozzle, this type of nozzle has a smaller impact force. This is acceptable for the cleaning of small-diameter tanks, but for large-diameter tanks, because the impact of the fixed tank cleaning nozzle is not large enough, the inner surface of the tank cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

In this regard, we have designed and developed a series of rotating tank cleaning nozzles. The design concept is to use a flat fan-shaped spray shape or a linear spray shape to maximize the impact of the sprayed liquid, so that the tank with a large diameter can be cleaned. The inner wall of the tank. However, the flat fan nozzle and the straight nozzle have a natural defect, that is, their coverage area is too small, and the inner wall of the tank is a sphere-like body with a large surface area. For this reason, we thought of using a rotating structural design. , Put the nozzle inside the tank, start the water pump, the nozzle automatically rotates, clean all surfaces, wait for it to rotate for a period of time, you can thoroughly clean any corner of the inner wall, so as to obtain the best cleaning effect.