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Air atomizing spray nozzle assembly

The air atomizing nozzle is composed of multiple parts. It has two channels inside, namely a liquid channel and a gas channel. After the liquid and gas enter the nozzle, they are mixed, and then ejected at high speed from the nozzle of the nozzle to form a thin film. Fog state. It is widely used in spray humidification, spray dust removal, spray cooling and other fields.

In order to make the installation of the nozzle more convenient, we made the nozzle holder made of aluminum alloy. There is a T-slot on the aluminum alloy holder. The nozzle installation spacing can be adjusted at will according to the actual situation, which is very suitable for conveyor belt installation.

Air atomizing nozzles are divided into two categories according to their functions, basic general-purpose type and automatic type. Basic general-purpose air atomizing nozzles have no special structure inside, some are installed with flow control valves, and some are installed with clogging needles, but These functions need to be operated manually. The automatic air atomization nozzle can be set by the system, so that the nozzle has the function of automatic spraying, and it can also automatically remove the foreign matter blocked by the nozzle. This type of nozzle is equipped with a cylinder device. The compressed air pushes the movement of the valve needle to realize the function of automatic spraying.