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Air atomizing nozzle price

The air atomizing nozzle is composed of multiple parts, and there are compressed gas flow channels and liquid flow channels inside, which can produce a mist-like spray with fine particle size.

We are a manufacturer of air atomizing nozzles. After years of technological improvement, we have reduced the price of air atomizing nozzles to the lowest level in the industry. We have a large inventory of conventional air atomizing nozzles for a long time and can ship them for you at any time. We will Quoting for you according to your demand, the difference in quantity will directly affect our sales price.

We can even reduce the price of conventional air atomizing nozzles to US$5, but the quantity is still an important criterion for measuring the price.If you can order 5000 pieces each time, we will make it for you at a unit price of US$5. If the quantity is between 1000-2000, the unit price will be $6, and when the order quantity is around 500, the unit price will be $7.

This price is the most favorable in the entire industry. You can contact any manufacturer for a quote, and it will definitely be higher than our product unit price. This is because the improvement of our manufacturing process reduces the manufacturing cost and uses the remaining capacity to make a large number of stock products. Welcome. You feel free to contact us.