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Hollow cone pressure nozzle

The hollow cone pressure nozzle generally adopts the internal design of the swirl cavity. The liquid enters the swirl cavity from one side, and the pressure causes the liquid to rotate at a high speed in the cavity, and then ejects from the small hole. The rotating force will throw the liquid out of the nozzle body, thereby A conical spray shape is formed, but because the flow in the swirl cavity is relatively stable and there is no spoiler device, the sprayed liquid has a hollow cone shape, and the spray cross section has a circular ring shape.

The hollow cone nozzle has a deflection jet type (A, AA type) or a vertical jet type (BD), and their working principle is the same, and the jet direction is different. The above picture shows the deflection jet, while the vertical jet type is directed The nozzle is installed in the opposite direction to spray.

The large-angle hollow cone nozzle adopts the design structure of the diversion surface, and the liquid is sprayed on the diversion surface, and the spray is diffused along the angle of the diversion surface.This structure can produce a hollow cone nozzle with a very large angle.

In addition, the hollow cone nozzle has an adjustable angle model, which is not available in nozzles of other shapes. The hollow cone nozzle can be realized by compressing or increasing the volume of the swirl cavity and making the swirl blade close to or away from the nozzle hole. Angle adjustment, freely adjust the spray coverage.