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Pompa air untuk nozzle

The water pump is responsible for pressurizing the liquid in the entire spray system.This is a very important system accessory.Because the poor quality spray pump is noisy, the actual pressure does not match the flow rate and the pump nominal, it is easy to heat up and burn, and the service life is short and other shortcomings.

We only manufacture high-quality spray water pumps. Our water pumps are made of high-quality materials and assembled with precision fixtures designed by us to ensure that the various parts in the pump are perfectly matched.

The design of the spray water pump is different from other water supply pumps. Its flow does not need to be large, but the pressure must be kept stable, so as to ensure the best spray state. The low-pressure spray water pump manufactured by us can reach 8.5bar-12bar. And maintain a stable pressure output during spraying, and there will be no spray flicker.

The spray pumps we manufacture are very cheap, very suitable for household garden sprays, DIY sprays, you are welcome to contact us at any time to get the lowest product prices.