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Atomizing nozzle vs dripper

The dripper can slowly and evenly drip into the soil near the roots of the plant in the form of water droplets. Compared with other irrigation techniques, it saves water, can inject waste into the water, improve the quality of crop products, and has a strong ability to adapt to terrain and soil. Features such as increased output.

The atomizing nozzle can produce a mist-like diffusion spray, which has the characteristics of saving water, enhancing the resistance of crops, adjusting the microclimate of the crop area, improving the quality of crop products, and increasing yield. It is worth noting that the atomizing nozzle irrigation technology is at the same time It has good drought resistance performance, because water is sprayed between plants in mist by nozzles, thereby forming a cloud-filled landscape. Water can be directly absorbed by plant leaves, and the humidity of the area covered by fog can be increased by more than 30%, and the temperature can be increased by more than 30%. At 5 degrees, the relative water content of the leaves increases by 10%-15%.

Therefore, atomized irrigation technology is very suitable for use in dry and water-deficient areas. It can effectively improve the quality of agricultural products and increase yield. We provide a full range of atomized irrigation equipment. If you want to get the best price, please feel free to contact us.