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Hose nozzle spray gun

Garden hose nozzle spray guns are available in metal and plastic materials. Their valve systems are made of metal, which is to extend the service life of the nozzle. This type of nozzle is a household nozzle and is generally used for garden watering. Cleaning the ground, car cleaning, etc.

The plastic garden hose nozzle can adjust the spray shape, and the diverter valve is installed inside, and the spray shape can be changed by rotating the outer ring of the nozzle head, which is more applicable.

The metal garden hose nozzle is made of all metal, resistant to high pressure and corrosion. By rotating the knob of the nozzle head, the spray angle can be changed. The smaller the spray angle, the stronger the impact force, the larger the spray angle, and the larger the coverage area. It can spray water in the shape of a hollow cone.


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