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Nozzle spray flat

The nozzle that can achieve plane jet is a flat fan nozzle, which can produce a jet shape with plane diffusion. It is widely used in jet cleaning, jet dust removal, spray paint and other industries. The minimum angle of this nozzle can be 5 degrees, and the maximum angle can be 150 degrees. , Within this range, you can customize the spray angle you need.

There are two working principles for flat fan nozzles. The most common is to squeeze the liquid through the olive-shaped nozzle and spray it out to form a flat fan-shaped spray shape. The manufacturing process of this nozzle is simple, and the spray angle and flow rate can be controlled in a large range. .The spray angle can be made from any angle between 5 degrees and 120 degrees.

Another working principle is to first converge the liquid into a cylindrical straight line through a circular cone hole, and then create a slope in front of the water column. When the water column touches the slope, it will spread quickly. It spreads along the inclined plane. This type of flat fan nozzle has the characteristics of not easy to block, strong impact, etc., and can create any angle between 15 degrees and 150 degrees.

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