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Nozzle and orifice

The orifice of the nozzle determines the nozzle spray shape, spray angle, spray flow and spray effect. Most of the nozzle orifices are circular, because the circular shape is easier to manufacture than the special shape, and the spray shape of most nozzles is Round, such as full cone nozzle, hollow cone nozzle, high pressure atomizing nozzle, low pressure atomizing nozzle, straight nozzle, etc., the spray shape is either cylindrical or conical.

For nozzles with other spray shapes, we usually adopt the method to make the nozzle of the nozzle into a circle, and then change the shape of the nozzle by other external methods, thereby changing the spray shape. For example, the flat fan nozzle is through the spherical hole and the V The groove is cut in half to change the hole into an olive shape. The same is true for the square nozzle.

Due to the processing technology, the holes processed by any rotary tool are basically circular, and its processing accuracy is better controlled than other shapes. Therefore, we will use circular holes as reference holes for general nozzles, and then use circular holes in circular holes. On the basis of adding external cutting, thereby changing the spray shape of the nozzle.

Unless you have special special-shaped hole requirements, we will design the nozzle orifice according to your use environment. Please feel free to contact us.