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self propelled drain cleaning nozzle

It is usually very difficult to clean the sludge and foreign matter in the sewer pipes. Due to the narrow and long pipes, it is difficult to dredge ordinary objects. For this, we have manufactured a series of high-pressure pipe cleaning nozzles.


The working principle of this nozzle is to use the high pressure of the liquid to allow the nozzle to be connected to the hose to automatically drill into the narrow drain pipe. The area drilled by the nozzle is immediately flushed with the high pressure liquid, so that the pipeline can be easily and quickly cleared. The reason why it automatically moves forward is that there are several high-pressure water outlet holes in the opposite direction of the nozzle. When the high-pressure liquid is sprayed to the back of the nozzle, it gives the nozzle a forward reaction force. Using this point, the nozzle can be easily realized. The purpose of moving forward automatically.