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Burner nozzle manufacturers

We are a manufacturer of burner nozzles from China. The pressure burner nozzles and air atomizing burner nozzles we manufacture are sold in dozens of countries around the world and have won unanimous praise from customers.

The pressure burner nozzle adopts the universal 9/16-24UNEF thread, which can be matched and installed with most burners. Our burner nozzle has the characteristics of good atomization effect, small and uniform atomization particle size, and low price. It is in the burner industry Widely used.


The air atomization burner nozzle uses compressed gas and liquid fuel to mix and spray. The characteristic of this nozzle is that it can produce more atomized particles and burn more firepower.


For more technical information about burner nozzles, or to get the most favorable product quotation, please feel free to contact us.