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Siphon feed air atomizing nozzle

The air atomizing nozzle is a nozzle that mixes compressed gas with liquid and then sprays it out to form a mist-like spray, while the siphon air atomizing nozzle is a kind of air atomizing nozzle, and its characteristic is that the liquid inlet is not Pressure is needed, that is, the liquid does not need to be installed with a water pump. You only need to send compressed gas into the nozzle, and the nozzle will suck up the liquid from below the nozzle, mix it and spray it out.

According to Bernoulli’s principle, in a fluid system, the faster the flow rate, the lower the pressure generated by the fluid. Using this phenomenon, we have made a siphon air atomization nozzle.

The advantage of the siphon air atomizing nozzle is that there is no need to install a liquid pump, which has incomparable advantages for many use scenarios, but it also has disadvantages. Compared with traditional air atomizing nozzles that require liquid pressure, its mist The amount will be smaller, but its atomized particle size will also be smaller.

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