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flat fan nozzle uses

The spray shape of the flat fan nozzle is a triangle when viewed from the front, and is similar to a straight line when viewed from the side. When viewed from the top, the spray section of the flat fan nozzle is narrow at both ends and slightly wider in the middle of the olive.


The characteristic of the flat fan nozzle is that it can produce a large impact force. This is because there are no parts that make the liquid rotate inside. On the contrary, we should try our best to prevent the liquid from rotating inside it. Turbulence will make the jet effect. Lower it while reducing its impact.

Because the flat fan nozzle has a strong impact force, it is often used for spray cleaning on the surface of objects, such as car cleaning, fruit and vegetable cleaning, sediment cleaning, coal cleaning, etc. But because of its small coverage area, resembling a straight line, it is suitable for installation on a conveyor belt. When the object to be cleaned moves relative to the nozzle, it will easily remove the attachments on the surface of the object.


As can be seen from the picture, the nozzle of the flat fan nozzle is composed of two semicircles. The two semicircles will squeeze the liquid to achieve a flat fan spray shape.

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