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Rotary bottle cleaning nozzle

The bottle washing nozzle has two working modes, fixed and rotating. The main body of the fixed bottle washing nozzle is equipped with multiple small nozzles, and each small nozzle can spray a full cone shape. When the small nozzles are arranged and installed around the main body at a certain angle, the spray can cover the entire inside of the bottle can. However, due to the small impact force of the full cone nozzle itself, this type of nozzle is only suitable for cleaning cans with a small diameter. The diameter of the can is too large. When the liquid is sprayed on the inner wall of the can, the impact is already very small, so It is difficult to completely remove the foreign matter adhering to the inner wall of the tank. 16_0035 拷贝

For this reason, we designed a rotary bottle washing nozzle. This nozzle uses the reaction force of the impact of the water flow to make the nozzle rotate. When the nozzle rotates, it means that it can cover a larger area and clean the inner wall of the tank. Most of the rotating bottle washing nozzles are equipped with flat fan nozzles or linear nozzles. These two nozzles have the strongest impact, so it can clean bottles with larger diameters. 82_0001

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