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Pressure washer nozzle for cleaning car

We provide you with a high-pressure washer nozzle for cleaning cars. Its interior is made of HSS material, which can withstand the impact of high pressure and the wear caused by fast-flowing liquid. The connection adopts a quick-plug design, which can match most high-pressure washers. , Realize the function of quick disassembly and assembly.

When cleaning the stains on the surface of the vehicle, the reason why I choose to use the flat fan nozzle is to obtain a greater impact force, which means that the cleaning effect will be better and the decontamination ability will be stronger. In repeated experiments, We have found that the best nozzle spray angle for cleaning with a household high-pressure cleaner is between 25 degrees and 60 degrees. If the angle is less than 20 degrees, the impact force is sufficient, but the cleaning range will become too narrow, resulting in cleaning efficiency. Low. The spray angle is greater than 60 degrees, it will affect the impact force, resulting in lower cleaning impact force, and it is not easy to remove stubborn stains on the surface.

For cleaning the high pressure washer nozzles of cars, we have made a large inventory of various spray angles. You are welcome to contact us at any time to get the best price.