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Sprayer nozzle chart

When you buy a nozzle, you are often confused by the nozzle model. The reason is that there are too many nozzle specifications. First, there are nozzles of various spray shapes, and secondly, each nozzle is divided into many different shapes. And each type of different shape flow parameter standard is different, so there are too many nozzle models, which will cause you to be at a loss when purchasing. BB参数表

If you don’t know how to choose the nozzle, please provide us with all the information about the spray system, such as the head of the pump, the flow rate of the pump, what liquid or gas to spray, the size of the pipe, the function of the nozzle and what you want to achieve with the nozzle What purpose, as detailed as possible, will make our judgment more accurate. Our professional engineers will choose the most suitable nozzle for you based on years of nozzle design experience, and we will fully consider your purchase and installation costs. You are welcome to contact us at any time.