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Small spray nozzles

In the nozzle installation process, the problem of narrow installation space is often encountered, which causes the ordinary nozzle to occupy too much space due to its large size, which makes the design of the spray system present a major problem.

In order to solve this problem, we have designed and developed various types of small nozzles.Although their size is small, the spray effect is the same as that of ordinary nozzles.

The above picture is the hollow cone atomizing nozzle made by us. Its maximum diameter is only 9.5mm, which is suitable for installation in small space. It is a low-pressure nozzle, and the tap water at home can drive it to spray normally.

The SD4 miniature air atomizing nozzle in the picture above has a diameter of only 13mm and a length of 34.5mm. Although it has such a small body, it is equipped with a pneumatic piston device inside, which can use solenoid valves to control the start and stop of the nozzle. .

If you need a small-volume nozzle, please contact us. Our engineers will recommend a suitable nozzle for you according to your requirements and installation conditions, or we can redesign the nozzle for you according to your requirements. Your consultation is welcome.