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Nozzle with shut off valve

For nozzles with shut-off valves, we recommend that you purchase the nozzle and the shut-off valve separately, and then install them together. The advantage of this is that first they are very cheap. Although they are two parts, they are relatively expensive compared to the nozzle with a shut-off valve as a whole. Lower, because the design of the nozzle primarily considers the spray effect, so all the internal structures are designed to achieve a better spray effect. If the valve device is designed at the water inlet end, the original internal structure of the nozzle will be destroyed. The nozzle needs to be redesigned, which not only increases the design cost, but also increases the manufacturing cost. Another advantage is that the nozzle and the shut-off valve are two parts. One of them is damaged and can be replaced directly. If the nozzle and the shut-off valve are Designed as a whole, then one of them is damaged, and the whole set of parts needs to be replaced.

If the nozzle is driven by tap water, then you can do so completely. But if you are driven by a water pump, then before installing the shut-off valve, you need to check whether the water pump has a pressure sensing device. If there is no pressure sensing device, you can turn off the stop After the valve, the water pump continues to run, which may burst the water pipe or exceed the pressure range of the water pump, resulting in damage to the water pump motor.

For more technical information about nozzles with shut-off valves, please feel free to contact us.