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The best quality nozzles

We are a professional nozzle manufacturer from China, with dozens of precision CNC machine tools and an experienced team of engineers. The quality and price of the nozzle are our top priorities, because this determines the competitiveness of our products.

High-quality nozzles require a complete quality management system in the manufacturing plant. We strictly control the raw materials. In the nozzle design stage, we often combine our nozzle design and manufacturing experience according to the customer’s specific usage scenarios to provide customers with redundancy. The design of the volume, so that even if other parameters are not ideal (such as the virtual standard of the pump purchased by the customer, the actual flow is less than the rated flow of the pump, etc.), the injection requirements can still be successfully completed.

When the nozzle design scheme can meet all requirements, we will manufacture nozzle samples according to the 3D model and conduct rigorous testing. We have the world’s advanced nozzle testing system, which can accurately measure the various operating parameters of the nozzle. When the measurement results are satisfactory to us, the manufacturing specification will be specified according to the measurement parameters, and the product will be manufactured in strict accordance with the content of the specification. During the period, there will be inspections to test the various processes of product manufacturing. A complete inspection of the nozzle will be carried out, and the unqualified products will be scrapped, so that the defective products will not enter your hands. 111

If you want to obtain nozzle manufacturing process technical information or nozzle preferential prices, please feel free to contact us.