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Spray nozzle not working

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This article will analyze the reasons and solutions for the nozzle not working from a technical point of view.

The first thing you need to confirm is what type of nozzle you are buying, wind jet nozzle, general-purpose single-fluid liquid pressure nozzle, air atomizing nozzle, etc. Different types of nozzles have different working principles, so the reason why the nozzle does not work will also be different.

If the nozzle you buy is a wind jet nozzle series, the nozzle does not work normally. You need to confirm whether all the nozzles are not sprayed or some of the nozzles are not sprayed. If some of the nozzles are not sprayed, then these nozzles must be If it is blocked, you need to disassemble the nozzle, and then use a needle smaller than the diameter of the nozzle hole to remove the foreign matter. If all the nozzles do not spray at the same time, you need to check whether the air compressor is normal, whether the pressure value of the injection pipe is within a reasonable range, and disassemble the nozzle to check whether the total inlet is blocked, or check whether all the injection ports are blocked (this The situation is very rare), and then clean the foreign objects to work normally. IMG_20210805_143514

If you buy a general-purpose single-fluid liquid pressure nozzle, including flat fan nozzles, full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, straight nozzles, etc., the first thing you need to confirm is the malfunction. If the spray shape is abnormal, then You need to check whether there is any deformation at the nozzle of the nozzle. If the nozzle is deformed by corrosion or external impact, then you can only replace the nozzle with a new one. If there is no abnormality in the shape of the nozzle, the probability of the nozzle being blocked is very high. You need to remove the nozzle and clean the inside. The fault can generally be resolved. Another type of failure is the sudden drop in the jet impact force of the nozzle, which is probably caused by insufficient system pressure. You can check the pumps, pipes, valves, and joints. Generally, the failure can be resolved. IMG_20210805_150653

If you are buying an air atomization series nozzle, then the same, you need to first check the abnormal state of the nozzle. If the atomization effect is not good, generally you need to check the compressed air pipeline to see if the compressed air can be supplied normally. If it is only an air jet and no water mist jet, then you need to check the liquid pressure pipeline to see if the liquid pressure supply is normal. If it is a siphon air atomizing nozzle, then you also need to check whether the siphon height is too high and whether the siphon pipe is normal. IMG_20210805_135548

The spray system is a complex system engineering. Since the nozzle is the last part of the system, any system failure will be manifested through the spraying method of the nozzle. What we have to do is to carefully observe the working status of the nozzle and carefully analyze all the possibilities. And exclude them in turn.

The easiest way is to contact us directly when you encounter a fault. Our professional engineers will conduct a serious analysis based on the fault description provided by you and give you the most economical solution.