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Mister nozzle

Atomizer nozzle refers to a nozzle that can spray mist. There are many types of atomizer nozzles. There are many divisions according to different usage scenarios. For example, in the field of spray disinfection, you can use the low-pressure atomization system developed by us. It can produce fog droplets of about 50 microns, which are evenly scattered on the surface of the object, and efficiently kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms on the surface of the object.

In areas that require a large amount of atomization, such as dust suppression in mines, it will be more appropriate to choose our air atomization nozzle. It can generate a large amount of mist. These droplets will fuse with dust particles and fall back. Ground, so as to achieve the purpose of dust suppression.

In addition, we have a variety of atomizer nozzles for you to choose from, or you can contact us, our engineers can recommend products according to the effects you want to achieve.